The Transparent Volkswagen Factory - Lennestrasse, Dresden, UK

Gunter Henn
Date Built
Lennestrasse and Stubelalle

The "Glaserne Manufactur" (literally the vireous manufactury) sits a short distance from the centre of the old city of Dresden.  At the other end of history is this space-age transparent factory producing Volkswagen's luxury Phaeton models in a spotlessly clean building with Canadian maple floors.  The parts for the cars arrive throughout each workday transported to the site by dedicated "CarGo Trams".  This is a final assembly plant and already painted bodies are delivered to the factory by truck.

Finished cars are stored in a glass tower where robotic transporters stack them on one of the 14 floors. 

The process is transparent in every sense of the word because customers are invited to visit the factory to watch their cars being constructed.

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