Vauxhall Bus Station - London, UK

Date Built
Between Vauxhall Railway Station and Wandsworth Road.
In an article in the Guardian on Monday, April 11, 2005, Jonathan Glancey, said of the newly opened bus station that, "The latest building by Arup Associates isn't - though it might be tempting to think it - some wilfully extravagant public artwork, or a fashionable "iconic" building with a vague, ironic purpose and a funny roof. It is a bus station, nothing more, nothing less, and its opening in Vauxhall Cross, south London, happened without fanfare. And yet, architecturally, it is a trumpet blast: an extraordinary structure that is striking, clear and unmissable."  He adds that, "The architects won a competition for the £4m scheme in 2002, commissioned by Transport for London, the Cross River Partnership and London Buses. The structure Arup produced is fascinating: a 12m-wide, 200m-long, stainless steel ribbon that dips and rises as it stretches away from the Tube and main-line stations. As it reaches the street ahead, it rises up by 20 degrees and launches itself precipitately skywards. "

Transport for London says of its transport interchange that, "Sustainability was a significant consideration in the bus station design, the roof incorporating two cantilevered arms covered in 168 technologically advanced solar panels, enabling the interchange to produce a third of its own electricity. ... (it) is compact with short movements required between modes. Movement spaces are generally clear and uncluttered with information and street furniture situated away from desire lines. A good staff presence, visible CCTV and an operations room situated prominently within the bus interchange achieve a good sense of security. "

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