Unity Building - Liverpool, UK

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Date Built
Chapel Street and Rumford Place
The Unity Building's architects describe it as, " ... a pair of distinctive forms within a city skyline: one a slender stack of interlocking apartments crowned by a projecting penthouse, the other a compact block in a chequerboard wrapping. The two towers – connected by a shared eight-storey podium base of retail and parking – serve as powerful complements to the waterfront silhouette of Liverpool’s Three Graces."

The 27-storey residential tower contains 161 apartments.  Its 16-storey commercial companion tower provides 161,500 square feet of office space.  Of their appearance the architect adds that, "The patterning of the façades explores ideas of scale and urban camouflage, and links back to the geometrically-painted ‘Dazzle Ships’ that once crowded the city’s docks."

In 2007 the Unity Building was awarded the RIBA Award for Architecture and the National Award for Architecture.

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