Swissôtel in Ku’damm-Eck - Berlin, Germany

Meinhard von Gerkan of Gerkan, Marg & Partners
Date Built
1998 - 2001
Ku'damm - Eck
At street level on the Ku'damm and around the corner on to Joachimstaler Strasse this building appears to be a C&A store, an impression added to by the huge digital advertising screen. However, if you look down Augsburger Strasse or up towards the roof you will see that it is also home to a Swissotel.

The architect's website describes the building as having, "Storey-high pilaster strips made from cast aluminium (that) are an integral part of the façade construction... The theme of the curved façade is continued in the interior composition of the hotel: Curved walls clad with wooden lamellas characterize the foyer as well as the third floor and the mezzanine level above. A glazed roof towards the inner courtyard allows for a sufficient lighting of the two-storeyed lobby. A spiral stair leads to the mezzanine level, where a total of nine larger and four smaller conference rooms is available. From the ballroom as well as from the restaurant the guests enjoy an open view towards Kurfürstendamm and Café Kranzler on the opposite street side through the generously glazed façade."

The 5-star hotel offers 316 rooms located on floors 4 to 10.  The architect adds that, "Due to the building’s irregular plan concept, more than 15 different room types exist, varying regarding size and form."