St. George Wharf & Tower

Broadway Malyan
Date Built
2007 - 2013
St. George Wharf, Vauxhall, London
The St. George Wharf residential development sits on the south bank of the Thames beside Vauxhall Bridge.  The first stage of the development involved nine interconnected apartment "houses" arranged upstream of the bridge. 

They have all been given names with nautical connections including: Bridge, Drake, Galleon and Jellicoe.  The development also sits in close proximity to the Vauxhall bus station, tube station and a Clipper landing wharf.  The "My London Home" website describes it as follows: "A landmark riverside development, situated on a plot of 7.25 acres, St George Wharf, rising some 22 storeys, can be can be easily identified from afar by the gull wing roofs and stylish terraces. Designed by Broadway Malyan Architects, St George Wharf is innovative and challenging with its fantastic attention to architecture and design."

The development is to be completed by the construction of the St. George Wharf Tower also designed by Broadway Malyan and due to completed in 2014. 

It will offer 223 apartments arranged over 52 floors and the structure will be topped off with a wind turbine.  The St. George Plc website says that, "The Tower, One St George Wharf will be one of Europe's tallest residential towers", adding that it will offer, "Exceptional interior design, elegant exteriors and breathtaking views" ... and ... "Concierge service provided by internationally renowned Harrods Estates Asset Management."

In 2013 a helicopter flew into the crane attached to the tower.  The wreckage of the helicopter fell onto the road below sending a fireball along the road at the height of the rush hour.  Two people dies including the pilot and a number of people were injured.  The tower itself was apparently undamaged.


Images during the construction period.

Below:  progress on the construction of the building - October 13, 2012


June 6, 2013

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