Silodam, Amsterdam, Holland

Date Built
Completed 2003
Two miles west of the central station on the southern bank of the IJ
Silodam is primarily a multi-storey residential block providing 157 apartments but it also has 600 square metres of office space and underground parking for 105 cars.  The parking lot uses a lift to lower and raise cars.  The building's website explains that, "...The houses are of different types and sizes, grouped by type: patio homes, studios, lofts, studios, duplexes, penthouses and other types."

"The design by MVRDV has both programmatically and architecturally experimental in nature. Not only distinguishes itself by building a complex mixed housing program, it also has a very unconventional fa├žade. The building can be described as a massive rectangular chest of drawers. .... each of the drawers contains another type of residence. This accumulation of different types is evident in the facades.  The complex housing program is made up of more or less independent units from 4 to 8 similar houses. These different units are mini-neighborhoods around a collective gallery, hall, patio, walkway, patio, garden or alley. The mini neighborhoods are organized into four parts, each with a staircase and two elevators. In this way formed a museum collection of housing types. By linking galleries, corridors, halls, stairways, etc., a network of tours across the building."