Science Center Medizintechnik am Potsdamer Platz - Berlin, Germany

Gnädinger Architekten
Date Built
Completed 2009
The outside of this building is clad in aluminum and glass in a form that is based on the structure of muscle fibres.   If the unusual shape and whiteness of the bulding isn't enough to catch the eye, a play of lights dances on the surface.  The building belongs to Otto Bock Healthcare, one of the oldest and largest companies in the world that designs, manufactures and sells prostheses and orthopedic products.  As such it is no coincidence that the building has a sparkling almost sterile appearance.

The "Architecture News Plus" website describes the inside as, ".... consistently minimalist. The surfaces are white, with silver-gray stone or carpet on the floors. Even the furniture and the exhibits are predominantly white. At the core, in contrast, are colored glass panels with integrated TV monitors to provide information. Dark, wooden panels create atmospheric accents in the elevator and a few select places."

The first three floors of the building offer a public exhibition space whilst the upper three floors are used for company business and the Otto Bock Academy.  The architect, Vita Rolf Gnädinger says this of his creation, "The "soft" appearance, in combination with a unique media facade staging, indicates an open, friendly and accessible institution, and thus contributes to the image building of the company."

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