The Savill Building - Windsor Great Park, Windsor, UK

Glenn Howells
Date Built
Opened to the public 2006
Windsor Great Park
The Windsor Great Park website describes the building as having an, "... undulating leaf-shaped roof, or ‘gridshell’. Expertise from Green Oak Carpentry, and structural engineers Buro Happold, ensured that the timber elements were manipulated and locked into a shape creating this strong, yet flowing, roof."  The roof is  98 metres long and extends 24 metres at its widest point and is, "...  made up of four layers with a regular one-metre grid of larch, was built using over 20 kilometres of timber, felled from sustainable forests on the estate. The aluminium roof system, above the larch grid, has a 160mm layer of insulation and was manufactured by Keybemo. This serves as a waterproof shell, and bears the oak rain screen."