Radisson Blu Hotel - Luzern, Switzerland

Rüssli Architeken
Date Built
2001 - 2006
Inseliquai 12, 6005 Luzern
The Luzern Radisson Blu hotel is part of a development on Luzern's waterfront known as Lakefront Centre.   It apparently occupies a site once home to railway sheds.   The centre includes the 4 star Radisson hotel, various restaurants, at least 5000 square metres of office space as well as 24 exclusive duplex apartments.  The building features a double layered glass facade with large rectangular windows.  External blinds of various colours provide the occupants with a sun shade and privacy, as well as giving the building what the architect describes as, "... an almost playful character."

The entrance hall is equally colourful.  Redesigned in 2013 by the Italian design house of MOROSO, it features modern furniture in various forms and a number of bold colours.

The architect's website says of the hotel that, "... All rooms and suites are decorated in a modern style and some of the rooms come with fabulous views of Lake Lucerne and the wonderful scenery around it. Each room features either a mountain or lake view. Fresh and bright, the standard rooms at this Lucerne accommodation provide a welcome retreat after a day of sightseeing, outdoor adventure or even business appointments."