Quartier 30 - Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Heinz Tesar, Claude Vasconi and Jo Coenen
Date Built
Markgrafenstrasse on the corner of Gendarmenmarkt
Quartier 30 is the result of collaboration between three architects.  It involves two office blocks flanking a residential block.  Heinz Tesar was responsible for the design of the office block next to the Justiz department.  The other office building, along Markgrafenstrasse, was the creation of Claude Vasconi.  In between sits a residential building along the Kronenstrasse and a residential and office hybrid facing the Mohrenstrasse joined together by the courtyard.  This segment of the development was the creation of Jo Coenen.  The architect's website describes the courtyard as, " ... a pleasant urban space with water basins, grass roofs, plants, a tree and stone paving."

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