El Pont de l'Assut de l'Or, Valencia, Spain

Santiago Calatrava
Date Built
City of Arts and Sciences
Santiag Calatrava's website refers to this bridge, in Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, as the Serreria Bridge.  It explains that the bridge's deck is suspended from an inclined, curved, 118.6 metre high pylon.  The bridge spans the dry bed of the River Turia that is occupied at this point by Calatrava's city.  The website adds more details about the bridge explaining that, "... There are three supports. At the northern-most end, where the deck touches grade level, the deck rests on a concrete abutment by means of a pair of bearings that provide resistance to torsion. The second support point is the pylon base, where the steel box spine connects with the pylon, creating a fully fixed connection with the pile-cap by means of a composite steelconcrete box. On the southern-most end, the deck is supported by a pair of bearings on the abutment. The back-stay cables are anchored to a massive foundation at the southern edge of the bridge in order to achieve balance. The pylon is similar to a spiral curve form, reaching its maximum radius where it intersects with the deck."

The deck has two paved roadways that accommodate a total of 8 lanes of traffic, two of which are reserved for public transport.  There is also a pedestrian pathway.