The Point, Paddington Basin, London

Terry Farrell
Date Built
2000 - 2003
Paddington Basin, London
The masterplan for the Paddington Basin was drawn-up by Terry Farrell Architects and The Point was the first building to be completed.  It is ten-storeys high and contains 222,000 square feet of office space.  Farrell's say that the building, " ... was designed with two main entrances to accommodate different tenancy options, with a central bank with eight lifts, two of which are feature lifts within a glass atrium.  The building also comprises a car lift and lorry lift housed in a separate pavilion providing access to a loading bay/car park plant space basement. ... The two curved facades ... comprise full height glazing behind a frame of expressed vertical metal fins, creating a strong vertical rhythm. These fins create an impression of solidity when seen from an oblique angle, whilst providing good views of the Basin for the occupants. Between these fins on the south-side, is a system of timber bris-soliel, providing effective solar control to the office space, while giving the exterior a strong identity.