Royal Danish Playhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lundgaard & Tranberg
Date Built
Copenhagen Inner Harbour
The Royal Danish Playhouse literally projects out into Copenhagen's inner harbour.  Patron's of its café and restaurant can enjoy the view of the harbour, and the Opera House on the Christianshavn shore while enjoying their refreshments on the deck outside the theatre. 

Reflecting on the building, the architects say that, "The new Royal Danish Playhouse is an effective ‘theatre-machine’ that takes form as a pronounced, yet respectful completion of the surrounding city.

The building consists of three compositional elements:

The oak-clad promenade, a public walk floating on thin columns over the water, gives access to the foyer with its panoramic views of the harbour and historic skyline.

The scene building, containing the auditorium and three scenes, echoes the material character of the harbour front with rustic brickwork and copper-clad tower.

The expansive and unifying roof level contains personnel facilities and gives spectacular views in all directions through varying nuances of green glass.

The dark, elongated brick used throughout the building is, like the red chairs of the auditorium, specially designed and developed for playhouse by the office."