Piccadilly Curve, Manchester, UK

CTS Bridges
Date Built
London Road
This pedestrian footbridge carries railway passengers across the busy London Road.  It has a span of 35 meters and a width of 4.5 metres. 

It was designed and built by CTS Bridges, transported in pieces from Huddersfield and assembled on-site, prior to being lifted into place by one of the country's largest cranes on Sunday June 25th. It is projected that by 2008, over 25 million passengers will be using Piccadilly Station and, if that is the case, the new bridge could be crossed by 4.5 million people each year.

CTS Bridges say of the project that they were, "appointed to design, manufacture and install the attractive bespoke footbridge in the busy and restricted city centre location of Piccadilly, Manchester.  From initial architectural concept drawings, CTS developed the bridge design to maintain both aesthetic intent and buildability. Installation appropriate to the inner city location was the governing parameter in the bridge’s design; resulting in a tied arch solution being derived to ensure safe and fast installation in a single lifting operation due to its location, over a main road and next to a train line.