L'Àgora, Valencia, Spain

Santiago Calatrava
Date Built
City of Arts and Sciences
Santiago Calatrava's website says that as the City of Arts and Sciences started to take shape it became apparent that, ".... the complex needs a multi-functional space, capable of accommodating large amount of audience and versatile enough to host various different types of events and activities. Calatrava therefore proposed the construction of an Agora (a central public space) on a site between the Sawmill Bridge and the City of Arts and Sciences' Oceanographic building."

This building was the solution.  Calatrava's website explains that, "... A diaphanous large hall, built of steel arches and a roof with glass will be crowned with a movable structure that controls the natural light and endows the otherwise horizontal building with a vertical component. This large hall will be raised slightly above the ground level. Underneath the large hall will be a lower level with seats of up to 6000 audiences as well as space for VIP rooms, dressing rooms, toilets, shops and in-house office facilities."

In 2014 L'Agora was the venue for the Valencia Open 500 Tennis Tournament accommodating 5,500 spectators around an indoor tennis court.