King's Gate, University of Newcastle, UK

Bond Bryan Architects
Date Built
Barras Bridge
The University of Newcastle describe the building as, "Our £35 million King's Gate building (that) brings our student services together under one roof. Services housed here include Careers, Accommodation, Student Wellbeing, Student Finance and Alumni Relations. It also houses our student enquiries desk." 

The architects, Bond Bryan say that the building, " ... is in a prominent location in Newcastle city centre and acts as a new 'front door' to the University."  They add that, "This has been a very successful project from the start: on time, on budget, with an excellent construction team from BAM, and with a client thrilled to see their vision for an exciting public-facing building come to life with students and staff.  This is a site that everyone in Newcastle will see and we had to ensure the building was imposing as well as respectful, so we created an elegant and simple form using glass and natural sandstone. ... The office floors focus upon two atria - a four-storey volume to the Barras Bridge frontage and a five-storey volume to King's Walk."