James Joyce Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

Santiago Calatrava
Date Built
Spanning the River Liffey in Dublin
The James Joyce Bridge is the first of Santiago Calatrava's two Dublin bridges.  This single-span steel bridge is 41 metres long and 33 metres wide at its mid-point.  It is supported by two outward leaning arches.  The bridge carries four lanes of traffic and two bicycle paths between the steel arches.  It also has two pedestrian pathways on either side equipped with benches for those wanting to rest their feet or enjoy the view up or down the Liffey.  When we were there the view included this cormorant catching eels.

The James Joyce Bridge was manufactured by Carillion/Irishenco Construction.  On their website they describe this €9million bridge as consisting of, "a single span composite steel concrete deck, suspended from a pair of inclined steel tied arches.  The main longitudinal deck elements consist of constant depth box sections, which vary in width, being greatest at mid span.  Transverse girders span between, and cantilever outside the longitudinal girders."