ING Headquarters, Budapest, Hungary

Erick van Egeraat Architects
Date Built
Dózsa György Street
This office building on Dózsa György Street across from Városliget Park, in Budapest, was designed in 2001 by the Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat.  I think it would be appropriate to describe it as deconstructionist in style and when I first saw it, I though of Frank Gehry.  The architect says that the brief for the building was for, " ... a high quality office building with an internal layout that meets commercial market standards."  He adds that it was, " ... designed to be a 21st century transition between the orthogonal volume of the modernist Liget Centre of 1949 on one side, and the late 19th century eclectic style villas typical of the area on the other, the massing is expressed as three volumes linked by glazed atrium spaces and bound together by stainless steel lines."

In an article in "Architectural Record", published in January of 2006, Tracy Metz describes the building as, " ... a multitenant office building that addresses the street with a hyperkinetic facade, makes a striking addition to Budapest, with its tradition of solid, even stolid architecture. ... The building’s expressive exterior has already become a symbol of a new era in the city’s architecture."

The building sits atop three levels of underground parking and has on the ground floor a bank and a restaurant.  Above are six floors of office space occupied, as you can see, by among others ING and Deloitte.  Metz concludes her article by saying that, "Across the entire length of the facade, van Egeraat floated shiny steel ribbons, vestiges of the flowing lines he drew in one of his very first sketches to indicate the continuity of time symbolized by these three buildings."