Festspielhaus, Füssen, Germany

Josephine Barbarino with Stephan Barbarino
Date Built
Opened March 25, 2000
Beside the Forggensee outside Fussen
The "europeforvisitors.com" website explains that Festspielhaus is a large theatre complex, "... built of concrete, steel, and glass, and it sits in a neo-Baroque park that was dredged from the lake. The auditorium has 1,389 seats,  the second-largest revolving stage in Germany." 

The Festspielhaus says that, "... the building is wide with its two side wings and the pavilions at the ends; Not even the imperial-royal Burgtheater in Vienna can compete there. ... the Festival Hall of Füssen is aligned in its entire width axially to the distant backdrop of Neuschwanstein Castle, indeed it opens with its wings in a grand gesture towards the royal castle. If one realizes with what minimal construction and decorating means the multi-part, multifunctional building has been reached and endowed, one can only speak of a triumph of economics."