The Eyre Street Car Park - Sheffield, UK

Broadway Malyan
Date Built
Eyre Street and Earl Street
This multi-storey car park appears to be one element of a masterplan to redevelop the Moor area of Sheffield's Town Centre.  The masterplan for this development seems to have been drawn up by the architectural practice of Broadway Malyan.  A large brownfield site on Eyre Street, across from the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Headquarters, was to be developed by Sheffield Council and RReef Developments but as of October 2011 it remains a boarded off empty lot. 

However adjacent to that site RReef were responsible for this 18 split-level car park.  As with the nearby Charles Street Car Park, the interesting feature of this building is its cladding.  Bourne Off-Site Solutions were entrusted with what they describe as, "the responsibility to provide a truly ground breaking project visually." ....  "The client designed a specific external envelope for the structure, aimed as a statement of intent for the redevelopment of the area. The design consisted of a randomised pattern of polyester powder coated aluminium panels, interspersed with Arco mesh on some elevations, to achieve fire regulations for the structure."

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