Emirates Stadium, Islington, London

Date Built
2003 - 2006
Hornsey Rd
Created by Populous, a world leader in the design of sports related facilities, the 60,000-seater stadium was built by McAlpine as part of a project that also included two new bridges across railway lines, a waste transfer station, a headquarters building and the 12-storey Ashburton Triangle residential development.  They report on their website that the project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. 

They explain that, "... The stadium’s 27,000m2 roof represented a huge challenge. Its two large tubular steel trusses, each spanning 204m, and two smaller 100m trusses had to be built within the confines of the elliptical stadium.  Originally they were to be assembled on the ground in one piece, but this would have encroached on the footprint of the stadium bowl, delaying construction of the terraces.  We worked with subcontractor Watson Steel to optimise the construction method. The larger trusses were built in two halves on the pitch area. They were then lifted onto four gigantic tripods, one in each corner of the stadium, and supported in the middle before being bolted together."

The architects say that the stadium, "... provides a unique mix of commercial and hospitality spaces that are valuable on both match and non match days, when they cater for a wide range of conferences, exhibitions and events. The curved glass, concrete and steel mesh paneled facades of the stadium rise between the terraced streets, offering a series of dramatic views of the venue to the approaching visitor."

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