Federal Press-Centre - Bundespressekonferenz - Berlin, Germany

Johanne & Gernot Nalbach Architects
Date Built
1998 - 2002
Schiffbauerdamm 35 - 39
The Bundespressekonferenz or Federal Press Centre sits close to the political heart of Berlin across the River Spree from the Paul Lobe Haus and the Reichstag.  The building is home to some 600 journalists from various media outlets involved in informing the world about the business of the German Government.  A prominent feature on the Spree side of the building is a 5.4 metre high window which both illuminates the large conference hall and symbolically links the building and its work with the outside world.  It projects 1.5 meters out from the side of the building and is framed in polished marble.  The building itself is clad in grey basalt.

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