BTV Stadtforum, Innsbruck, Austria

Heinz Tesar
Date Built
Completion 2007
Stadtforum 1 6020 Innsbruck

The "" website says of this building that, "... The headquarters of the “Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg” in Innsbruck is a complex urban building block with a diversity of public functions. A full building height central hall accesses the adjacent gallery and concert hall, an atrium with water garden, and the bank’s training centre. The impressive space receives daylight via a large window oriented towards the north. This “light plough” enables people to experience the view towards the peaks of the Nordkette mountain ridge, also within interior office spaces. The exterior and interior ­facades are given a rational character via all-together 152 large-format and nearly-square window frames made of reinforced concrete ... ."

The bank's website points out that, "The prestigious architecture has already won several prestigious architectural awards: the Austrian Building Award 2006, the award of the Land of Tyrol for a new building, a nomination for the European Architecture Prize 'Mies van der Rohe Award' and a final place at the Otto Wagner Urban Building Award 2007"