The Brunel Building, Dublin

Reddy Architecture
Date Built
Heuston South Quarter
The Brunel Building is one element of a large development close to Heuston Station in Dublin.  This 12-storey office block features a sweeping curved glass facade that resembles a billowing sail.  One of the building's occupants is AOL.

At the official launch of the Heuston South Quarter development on December 9, 2008, the then Taoiseach, Brian Cowan, said of the building, "The Brunel building with its sweeping glass fa├žade is particularly striking. Anthony Reddy Architects are to be commended for their design and attention to detail. It is fitting that the building is named after the renowned British engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, best known for the Great Western Railway linking London to Bristol but who also made his mark here in Ireland. I understand that all of the buildings named so far have some relationship to rail, showing the development's sensitivity to its physical location here beside Heuston Station"