Bridgewater Place, Leeds

Date Built
2004 - 2007
Victoria Road and Water Lane
This rather startling waterside building on the fringes of downtown Leeds is part office and part residential in function.  The 32 storey building has 2 floors for car parking, ten for offices and 20 that contain a total of 200 flats.  Its Wikipedia page says that the building's developer was Landmark Development Projects and St James Securities with Bovis Lend Lease being the contractor. The developer of the residential element of Bridgewater Place is KW Linfoot.  Standing 137 metres high it is said to be visible for up to 25 miles and is the tallest building in Yorkshire. 

The building, nicknamed "The Dalek", has had its problems.  From an aesthetic point of view the Building Design journal shortlisted it for the Carbuncle Cup intended to be awarded to buildings that are "so ugly they freeze your heart". 

On a more practical level the building's shape was responsible for accelerating air flow causing pedestrians and even cars to be blown over.  A piece on the BBC website dated, October 13, 2017 announced that, ".... three "baffles" are to be placed over Water Lane, with part of the road closed until at least 22 October.  Dr Edward Slaney was killed nearby when a lorry blew over in 2011, with a coroner blaming his death on high winds in the area.  Dr Slaney, a 35-year-old environmental engineer from Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, was walking on a bridge over the River Aire in Neville Street on 10 March, when the lorry toppled over and landed on him. ..... Graeme Atkinson, project manager at the site, said: 'These impressive, wing-like structures (shown below) are perforated in order to deflect and reduce the speed of wind as it passes through and over them.'."