The Blue Fin Building - Bankside - Southwalk, London, UK

Allies and Morrison
Date Built
Bankside behind the Tate Modern Gallery
The Blue Fin Building is one part of a complex of three building known as Bankside 1, 2 and 3.  The name of Bankside 1 comes from the fact that its glass curtain walls are shaded by 2000 vertical aluminium blue fins. 

The architects say of the develoments that, "Providing over 1m sq ft of prime office space close to the City of London, Bankside 123 also creates new routes, public spaces, shops and cafes, marking the renewal of an urban neighbourhood. Its three simple rectilinear buildings are set within a permeable public realm designed to reconnect the site with its surroundings."

The building is home to IPC Media and other companies.  On the ground floor there is a shopping arcade and a health club.