Bay Adelaide Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WZMH Architects
Date Built
2007 - 2009
333 Bay at Adelaide
WZMH describe the Bay Adelaide Tower as, "A pristine prism clad in clear glass ... a signature tower in downtown Toronto,"  They add that it is a, " .. 51-storey, $300M structure (that) contains over 111,480 m² of rentable class-AAA office space."   It also features, " ... 3,700 m² of below-grade retail space linked to the downtown´s extensive concourse network. Three levels of below grade parking provide for 1,100 cars."

The glass tower appears to have devoured the older building on the corner of Bay Street and Temperance Street.  It appears that the truth is, the building that once occupied the site, the "National Building", was demolished but the north and western facades were removed to be incorporated in a future building.  When this building was approved its design incorporated those facades.

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