Baron's Place, Southwark, London

Proctor & Matthews
Date Built
Baron's Place & Webber Street
Commissioned by the Peabody Trust, this small apartment block, on the corner of Webber Street and Baron's Place, is described by its architects as a prototype for prefabricated modular construction.  The Peabody Trust commissioned it in conjuction with Keep Working London and it was designed to provide affordable short-term accommodation for key workers such as, nurses, teachers, fire service and police workers.

The architects explain that, "... The design also showcases the versatility of the Futureform system, demonstrating that modular housing no longer needs to look system-built and can deliver high-quality accommodation.  The prefinished modules were delivered and assembled onsite over two days and finished to completion within 14 weeks. The overall development delivers 12 ‘demountable’ temporary homes, consisting of one bedroom units and two person share apartments."