Atelier Building, Amsterdam, Holland

Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Date Built

The older building in the foreground of the image above is the “Veiligheidinstituut” (Safety Institute) built in 1912 to a design by Pierre Cuypers. 

The Atelier Building is the modern addition to the rear of the old building.  This 97,000 square foot building is home to the nearby Rijksmuseum's restoration workshops for paintings, furniture, textiles, boat models, and silver and porcelain objects. The building also provides  classrooms for the University of Amsterdam, as well as workshop space for the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage. The "" website has an interesting article about this new building point out that, "... Due to the sensitivity of artworks undergoing conservation, workshops are generally buried in the basements of museums, but while the Atelier Building continues the traditional brick of the surrounding façades, its northern elevation features glazing and angled walls, which allow daylight to enter certain areas of the conservation workshops. The orientation of the angles allows only north light to enter and the glass filters out most ultraviolet light. ....

..... In addition, the glazing had to meet strict specifications for security, fire resistance, and insulation. But the overall effect creates an unconventionally open conservation lab."