The Konrad Ardenauer House - Klingelhoferstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Petzinka, Pink, and Partner
Date Built
The Konrad-Adenauer-House is the headquarters of the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union, Germany's centre-right political party.  The CDU was founded and led by Konrad Adenhauer, who was Chancellor of Germany between 1949 and 1963.  It sits on Klingelhoferstrasse just south of the Tiergarten.  It was designed to conform with the height restriction imposed on buildings in the area known as the Klingelhöfer Triangle, including a number of foreign embassies.  This eliptical shaped building is completely surrounded by a glass rhombus that reaches up to the fourth floor.  The building's fifth and sixth floors emerge from the glass structure resembling the prow of a ship cutting through water.  Local wood was used to clad the lower floors of the building.  The roof has a garden and a system for producing energy.