Price Waterhouse Cooper, Oslo, Norway

Date Built
2005 - 2007
Barcode, Bjorvika
The PWC building was the first component of the so-called Barcode development situated between the railway lines leading into Oslo's Central Station and the waterfront.  The Barcoderekka is made up of 13 buildings arranged like the marks in a barcode beside Dronning Eufemias gate.

The e-architect website says of the building that, "...As one of the first “strips” in Barcode, the shape of the building is simple and defined. The volume is light and transparent, and consists of 12 floors with a five-storey opening in the facade to indicate the main entrance, reception and meeting centre. The canteen is at the top with direct access to a south-facing screened terrace.  The core areas consist of a permanent technical zone that contains communication, technical installations and wet services, in addition to zones that can be designed differently depending on the need of the different departments.  In the lower floors, towards Nylands Allè, there will be shops and restaurants. Technical rooms and parking are in the basement."