2 -3 Triton Square - Euston Road, London

Sheppard Robson
Date Built
Regent's Place off Euston Road
Formerly the headquarters of Abbey, this 7 storey office block is now home to Santander.  According to the architect, "Central to the building concept is the creation of an internal, north facing, glazed street, running the length of the building. Daylight enters the street through glazed atrium walls at a stainless steel tie-rod structure. The south and east elevation consist of a panelized double skin, climate wall with fritted glass, or perforated aluminium louvres in front of it. "

The building occupies the site of the demolished Thames Television building.

As you can see above there is a piece of public art outside the building in Triton Square.  It is composed of a stone block featuring a sculpture.  The block stands on a series of metal legs and has a collection of trees planted on top.  This may be a new creation but the sculpture actually dates back to the 19th century.  It was commissioned by George IV and depicts Nelson's triumph Cape St Vincent in 1797.  Created by the artist Edward Hodges Baily, it was intended as a decoration on the Marble Arch but it was never used and apparently went missing for a long time.

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