Santa Justa Railway Station, Seville, Spain

Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz
Date Built
1987 - 1991
Avenida Kansas City
Santa Justa Railway Station was built over a 4 year period at the end of the 1980s and it opened to passengers in 1991.  It was part of the modernisation program for the city of Seville prior to its hosting of the 1992 World Expo.  Its opening also corresponded with the launching of Spain's first high speed rail service linking Seville with Cordoba, M├ílaga and on to Madrid and Barcelona.

The station is made up of three main elements.  You enter first into a huge concourse that is home to the ticket office, tourist information, shops and restaurants.

(The panorama below suggests that the concourse is curved but that is just a feature of panning the camera)

Once you move beyond the concourse, you enter a transfer section with an impressive array of escalators taking passenger to and from the platforms that are at a lower level.

Below are the platforms and the elegant and surprisingly long train sheds.

Here are some more views of the outside.

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