Saddler's Wells Theatre, London

Date Built
Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TN
This theatre building on Rosebery Avenue in Islington is the latest in a line of theatres on this site reaching back to the original built by Richard Saddler in 1683.  His theatre was built on land known for its old monastic springs that were thought to have medicinal properties.  Those "wells" have been preserved beneath the new building.

This version of the Saddler's Wells was designed by RHWL, "... to attract international dance companies, provide an arts training centre and community and education facilities. It features a 1,560-seat auditorium with a 15x15m stage and 80-seat orchestra pit. There are 3 foyer galleries with bars, plus rehearsal and teaching spaces."

Also on the site is the Lilian Baylis Studio that says it, "... seats 180 and presents a programme of. small-scale, studio work by established artists, experimental, conceptual work, high quality productions for young audiences and work by young artists and emerging choreographers."