One Canada Square - Canary Wharf, London, UK

Cesar Pelli & Associates, Adamson Associates, and Frederick Gibberd Coombes & Partners
Date Built
Canada Square - Canary Wharf
One Canada Square is the centrepiece of the Canary Wharf development in London's Docklands.  The 777 foot high tower was the tallest building in the country when it was completed in 1991.  The name of the building and the site reflect the fact that the original developers were Olympia & York a company founded in Toronto by the Reichmann Brothers.

One Canada Square has had its criticisms notably and perhaps predictably from Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher.  Problems during the development of Canary Wharf due to delays in transportation infrastructure out to docklands, a recession and reluctance of companies to move out of the city led to the bankruptcy of the Reichman's.  In the boom years that followed the Canary Wharf development came to fruition and the Reichmann's fortune was rebuilt including their holdings at Canary Wharf.