St Catherine's College 1990s, Oxford, UK

Steven Hodder
Date Built
Manor Road
In 1994 this cluster of buildings was added to the north of the original St. Catherine's College campus, that was designed by Arne Jacobsen.  Reflecting on it in an article for the Independent in March of 1995 J Glancey said, ".. These new buildings are attractive, unpretentious and show how an architect can add to the work of the 20th Century ‘greats’ without toadying or trying too hard… the abiding quality of this new range of collegiate buildings is its rightness.”

The architect's website explains that the development included 54 study bedrooms as well as, "... music rehearsal and computer rooms, arranged around three staircases in pavilion form, together with two guest suites."

"The integrity of the College is extended by a brick plinth wall which encloses an entrance quadrangle and aligns with the river forming an edge to the College and enclosing the existing car park. The three pavilions envelop the wall in an orthogonal arrangement. Thus, a dynamic tension between the grain of the river and that of the College is acknowledged with the west facing study bedrooms having an intimacy with the water, and the east facing bedrooms floating over the wall and forming a covered walkway connecting each staircase."