Pabellon del Futuro, Seville, Spain

A team made up of David Mackay (of Martorell Bohigas Mackay) and Peter Rice (of Ove Arup & Partners)
Date Built
1988 - 1992
In addition to Pavilions from various countries, the Expo 92 site had 5 themed pavilions.  One of these was the Future Pavilion. 

Peter Rice explained in his RIBA Gold Medal address in 1992, "...The design of the Pavillion is dominated by two structural features — a single row of huge stone arches that form a kind of screen along one elevation, and the waveform roof suspended over four display halls. A suspended canopy covers a central plaza. The building is aligned north-south on a site 25m wide and 300m long, and the screen is about 290m long and 40m high. Originally the halls north of the plaza held exhibits related to environment and energy, with telecommunications and the Universe to the south."

Following the Expo the various pavilions and other attractions have had varied histories.  Some lie abandoned and in various states of decay.  Others have found new uses.  Sources that I have seen suggest the Pavilion of the Future is still used for cultural and business events.  Some of the area around it look rather unloved.  The arches are still a feature of the skyline and are seen below from the terrace of the Corte des Ingles store in the city centre.