The Fish, Barcelona, Spain

Frank Gehry
Date Built
Port OlĂ­mpic
Frank Gehry's golden fish sits below the Hotel Arts on Barcelona's waterfront. 

The undulating golden structure appears ready to migrate back into the sea. 

Built as part of the preparations for the 1992 Summer Olympics, the giant fish measures 35m by 54m and is made of stone, steel and glass.  Reflecting on his choice of a fish, Gehry is quoted as saying, "It was by accident that I got into the fish image. My colleagues were starting to replay Greek temples. Y'know in the post-modern thing, I don't know, when was that... the 80s. That was hot, everybody was re-doing the past. I said, y'know, Greek temples are anthropomorphic. And three hundred million years before man was fish. If you wanna, if you gotta go back, if you're insecure about going forward, dammit, go back three hundred million years. Why are you stopping at the Greeks? So I started drawing fish in my sketchbook. and then I started to realize that there was something in it."