Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Scotland

Hopkins Architects
Date Built
112-116 Holyrood Gait, EH8 8AS
Dynamic Earth describes itself as, "... a 5 star visitor experience which invites you to take a journey through time to witness the story of planet Earth. Through a series of interactive exhibits, state of the art technology and even a 4D encounter you will feel the heat of a bubbling volcano, face the chill of polar ice, fly across the globe before crash landing in a tropical rainforest. As if this wasn’t enough, Dynamic Earth is home to Scotland’s only 360 degree full dome film theatre."

The building is located on the spot where James Hutton (described as the father of modern geology) lived and worked in the 1700s.  Hopkins explain that, "... The building comprises three main parts: the fabric roof and its structure which is set on a terrace housing a two-storey exhibition space and the entrance forecourt. The first makes a generous entrance pavilion which, although completely enclosed by glazing, has the feel of an outdoor space. A hemispherical dome above the multimedia theatre bursts into the space, indicating the activity occuring below .....

.... The two-storey exhibition space is a large and flexible black box which gives ideal viewing conditions to visitors. Offices and workshops are located on either side of it. An ancient stone wall which once formed the edge of the brewery formerly on the site has been restored and extended to form the external wall of the black box.  ..... The monumental forecourt is a new public place adding to Edinburgh's fund of generous civic spaces. Its amphitheatre is used for outdoor performances."

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