Konzerthaus, Freiburg, Germany

Dietrich Bangert
Date Built
Opened 1996
Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1
Freiburg's Konzerthaus occupies a site on Konrad-Adenauer Platz across from the hauptbahnhof.  It says on its website that, in addition to being host to a wide variety of musical events, it is also a venue for, "... conventions, meetings, general meetings, workshops and large social events such as the Press Ball."  In fact, since its opening in 1996 more than 6,000 events have been held here. 

The essence of the building is its adaptability.  There are four spaces that can be used individually or in combination depending on the demands of the event.  The website describes the main hall, The Rolf B√∂hme Hall, as " ... an architectural masterpiece ... By pressing a button the room can go into a variety of seating styles. ... (it) can be connected on three sides with the surrounding foyer."

The Round Room is, "... characteristic of an amphitheater. Aimed at a podium, it is particularly suitable for lectures. Two staircases flanking the podium and couple the circular gallery directly on to the floor.

The Conference Centre: "... On the 2nd floor (are) nine well-equipped rooms from 30 to 130 square meters ... They can be combined variably or can be used separately - so that everything has its place."

And finally the Foyer is, "... Not only an elegantly designed entrance area, but also an ideal setting for receptions and presentations, participant registration and exhibitions.