Bilbao Metro, Spain

Foster + Partners
Date Built
The Bilbao Metro website says that, "... Norman Foster and his team were commissioned to design and plan the underground stations on the Bilbao Metro. Integrating architecture and engineering is the underlying theme that makes the Bilbao underground so appealing and attractive.  In 1998, Metro Bilbao was awarded the Brunel Prize for Railway Architecture for the network as a whole and Sarriko Station in particular." (see below)

"Sarriko does not follow the typical cavern-shaped layout, but it is instead made up of a big single space, with a big crystal shelter allowing for natural sun light. It was designed by Norman Foster, with a main hall located suspended directly above the rail tracks."

The Metro website adds that there are three aspects that are clearly discernable in Foster's work, originality, causing the greatest level of attraction using materials with moderation, and the integration of architecture and engineering.  The Foster + Partners website also points out that, "... The glassy entrance canopies − or 'Fosteritos' − that announce the inner-city Line 1 stations at street level are as special to Bilbao as the Art Nouveau Métro entrances are to Paris. Their shape is evocative of inclined movement and generated by the profile of the escalator tunnels as they rise up to pavement level. The canopies admit natural light by day, and are illuminated at night, forming welcoming beacons in the streetscape."