Alamillo Bridge, Seville, Spain

Santiago Calatrava
Date Built
1989 - 1992
In preparation for Expo 92 in Seville, there was a plan to build 8 new bridges across the River Guadalquivir connecting the city centre to the Expo site.  The Alamillo Bridge was one of those bridges.  It is made up of a 142 metre high pylon that is inclined 58 degrees from the horizontal and anchors the cables that support the road deck.  This point in the river is known as Meandro San Jerónimo and to cross it required a 260 metre span. 

The architect's website explains that, "... The pylon supports the bridgeway with thirteen pairs of cables. The pylon was constructed by lifting segments of the steel shell into place with a large, high-capacity crane, then welding them together and filling them with reinforced concrete. The weight of the pylon is sufficient to counter-balance the deck, and back stays are thus not required. This new type of cable-stayed bridge, which substitutes the weight of an inclined pylon for one set of stay cables, creates a dialogue of balance between pylon and deck."

The pylon is a significant feature on the city's skyline.