Puente del V Centenario, Seville, Spain

This cable-stayed bridge carrying the SE-30 road over the Guadalquivir River in Seville appears to have a number of names.  One source says that it is the "Puente del Centenario" so named to commemorate the 100 years of Board of Works Port of Seville.  Other sources refer to it as the "Puente del V Centenario", or Bridge of the 5th Century, since was completed 500 years after Columbus discovered America.  Like so many buildings and bridges in Seville it was completed in 1991 when Seville was preparing for Expo 92.

The bridges Wikipedia page says that, "... The bridge, like most of the route of the SE-30, was designed between 1986 and 1987 with two lanes, median separating two small concrete berms. After receiving the MOPU unfavorable reports of technicians on the evolution of traffic in the capital it was decided that the ring road has 3 lanes in each direction all the way, but it was too late to change the bridge project that had already begun to be built , and if amended the project, he had not been completed in time for the start of the events planned for 1992."  The deck of the bridge is 42 metres above the river and the two towers are 120 metres high.  The engineers credited with designing the bridge are José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez and Julio Martinez Calzon.

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