East London Mosque, UK

East London Mosque - John Gill Associates
London Muslim Centre - Studio Klaschka Ltd
Maryam Centre - Webb Gray & Partners Ltd
Date Built
1985 - 2013 in three stages
Whitechapel Road
I have listed this building in the 1980s decade because it was in 1982 that work began on the mosque, a process that took three years.  John Gill Associates were responsible for the design which featured a brick building surmounted by a golden dome and a  minaret that rises to almost 22 metres.  The prayer hall was capable of accommodating 2000.

Since then the size of the community it serves has grown and the original building was far too small to accommodate the number of worshipers.  In 2001 work started on the London Muslim Centre on vacant land next door that had once been a car park.  It opened in June of 2004 and increased the capacity of worshipers to 5000 and added a number of new services for the people in the community.

The next stage involved the addition of the Maryam Centre.  The mosque's website explains that it is, "... Dedicated to women’s prayer space and services, the nine storey construction started in 2009, as part of the Mosque’s phase 2 development plan to provide further prayer space for the congregation."  This addition brought the capacity to 7000 making the East London Mosque one of the largest in Europe.  " The Maryam Centre houses a new larger prayer hall for women; educational facilities for girls and women; women’s advice and guidance services; health facilities including a gymnasium exclusively for women."