SoccArena, Munich, Germany

Kurt Ackermann
Date Built
Opened 1983
This tent-like structure is home to SoccArena that features a number of 30m by 15m indoor soccer pitches designed for 5 aside competition.

The building started life as a "skating tent" covering an ice surface but by 2004 the ice plant was removed.  It appears that it was then converted into an inline skating venue before being sublet to the SoccArena operators.

The structure was designed by Kurt Ackermann in association with Sclaich Bergermann as the engineer.  The "" website has a short article about it.  "This facility, initially designed as ice skating rink was recently converted into an inline skating facility due to the increasing popularity of this new sport. The elliptical rink of 88x67m is covered by a cable net roof, suspended from a central arch and supported along the edges by a series if steel masts with guy cables. A prismatic trussed steel arch spans 104m between concrete abutments. ....

.... The arch supports the cable net and is itself stabilized by it. The cable net is suspended to the arch by means of looping edge cables along the central spine. The space between the edge cables is designed as a skylight that exposes the arch from the inside and provides natural lighting in addition to a translucent roofing membrane. The cable net of double strands has 75x75cm meshes to which a lattice grid of wood slats is attached at the joints. A translucent PVC membrane is nailed to the lattice grid. This unusual combination of materials creates a unique interior spatial quality of quite elegance, contrasting the lightness of the translucent fabric membrane with the warms of the wood lattice grid."