Fisher Building, Cambridge, UK

Saunders Boston
Date Built
Completed 1987
St John's College
In the book that he edited, "St John’s College, Cambridge: A History", Peter Lineham says of this building that, "... At a cost of £1.7 million, the Fisher Building was designed as 'a prestige Building', and - as the new Domestic Bursar, Col. Richard Robinson, gave fair warning - ‘it should be maintained that way’  Student architectural opinion held it to be ‘not a great building but a sensible one.  Retiring, perhaps a little modest, apologetic even, its architectural aspirations are not high’ - ……… but in course, hardly worthy to keep company with the Cripps Building itself (that ‘extremely distinguished piece of architecture, almost without contemporary peer’, never mind its numerous structural peccadilloes)."

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