First Church of Christ Scientist, Oxford, UK

Date Built
36A St. Giles'
The First Church of Christ Scientist bought 34, 35 and 36 St Giles' from Exeter College in 1833.  They erected a church on the site behind numbers 35 and 36 that opened in 1934 although, apparently, it was not dedicated until 1954 after they had paid off the debt.  That church was demolished in 1986 and replaced with a new building which unfortunately was severely damaged by arson in 1996.  However, just 8 months after the fire the church was refurbished and reopened.

In 2003 the church sold number 36 St Giles' and with the funds built a modern ground-floor Reading Room behind, complementing the church and enhancing the self-contained site with a new gate, glazed canopy, and improved landscaping.

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