Belvedere Tower, Chelsea Harbour, London

Moxley Architects
Date Built
Chelsea Harbour
The Belvedere is a 200ft tower that is the focal point of a mixed-use development known as Chelsea Harbour.  The 18 acre brownfield site beside the Thames was, prior to redevelopment in the 1980s, an urban wasteland and the former unloading area for coal used in the Lots Road power station.  The vision of the developers was to, "excavate the old harbour, rebuild the lock, repair the walls and form a new yacht harbour."  A competition was held for a design and the winner in May of 1985 was Moxley & Jenner.  The configuration of the development, " ... is similar to an old town square, or fishing village, where the houses, flats, hotels, pubs and restaurants crowd round it and generate a sense of place." 

The Belvedere residential tower acts as a sentinel for this modern day riverside village.  It features a metallic pagoda-like roof and rows of metal balconies.  The tower's cladding is a bronze colour and the balconies are dark blue.

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