Worsley Building, University of Leeds

Building Design Partnership
Date Built
Clarendon Way
The Worsley Building, on the campus of the University of Leeds, is home the Dental Hospital, the School of Dentistry, Medical Lecture Theatre and Library, the Multidiscipline Laboratories, Departments of Anatomy & Pharmacology, Physiology, Cardiovascular Studies & Cancer Research, and Biochemistry, Radiation Protection & Safety Services. 

This giant building was completed in 1979 at a cost of £8m.  The campusdevelopments.leeds.ac.uk website published an article in July of 2016 outlining plans for a £41m project to, "... upgrade office space and teaching facilities" within the building.  "The new refurbished building will involve the creation of a two storey height space on level 9.  This will pave the way for a new café area and the introduction of a landscaped area to an inner courtyard. ..... Other completed areas include the roof garden, level 11 offices which have now been handed back and the western half of level 10 which is now in the process of being occupied by Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research colleagues.  Work to the main building entrance and dental changing areas on level 4 is now underway. Good progress is also being made on work to improve central teaching spaces on level 8, with most of the work being carried out during nights and weekends, to limit disruption to colleagues using the building."

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