Wellington Hospital, St. John's Wood, London

Frederick Woodhead of Yorke Rosenberg Mardall
Date Built
1974 - 1978
Wellington Place, St John's Wood
The Wellington Hospital describes itself as, " ...the largest independent hospital in the UK, with almost four decades of expertise in treating patients from the UK and overseas. The hospital has an international reputation for offering a premium service in key areas of healthcare, including: neurosurgery, cardiac care, orthopaedics, acute neurological rehabilitation and gynaecology."  The hospital occupies 4 buildings including the South and North blocks designed by the architect Frederick Woodhead.  In his obituary, published by the Guardian on ... the architect responsible for several buildings that altered attitudes to hospital design in this country. An early exponent of "sense-sensitive" ideas, he was aware of the need to create a healing environment for patients and not just focus on what the building was going to do for the doctors and nurses. This led him to devise hospitals with single rooms and four-bed wards, rather than the large wards and endless corridors that had come to typify hospital architecture."

The hospital's blog published a piece in 2012 celebrating its 38th birthday.  In that article they say that the South Building was originally commissioned by the British and Commonwealth Shipping Group.  When it opened its doors on April 25, 1974 it offered, " 98 rooms and three operating theatres".  The building was, " ... built in the shape of a ziggurat, allowing each room to capture the maximum amount of natural light in each patient room."


Woodhead went on to design the North Building which opened in 1978.  It is located at the far end of the block on the corner with Circus Road and features a similar stepped design, although only on the rear of the building.